Foreword – RAIN With a Chance of SunBreaks

Have you ever heard the phrase “when it rains it pours?”  I don’t think it’s really about the weather.  I think it’s about life.  Life in the fast lane.  Life in the slow lane.  Life going nowhere. 

That’s where I’m at right now.  Nowhere.

You see, my wife moved out on me again for the second time in two weeks.  Don’t think I’ll ever understand what goes through a woman’s head.  We bend over backwards the moment they threaten to leave us.  We admit our faults and lay ourselves bare for whatever punishment might come.   And when it doesn’t come, and they still walk out the door, we lose our smile.  I know I did.  You know that smile that comes at the end of Notting Hill?  The one where Julia Roberts looks at Hugh Grant?  I’ve waited all my life for a woman to look at me like that.  Had it.  Now it’s gone.

There’s a level of trust that needs to be built from day one to keep a relationship together.  Few couples ever achieve it which is obviously why the divorce rate is so high and book stores across the land are filled to the rafters with marriage survival books.   Let’s face it.  We’ve become a society of guilty until proven innocent.  Or as we like to say around the office, “assume the blame before it’s assigned.”  However, in this lifetime, I’m only taking half the blame.   The other half I’m handing off to the women in my life.

And so it goes.  Each week I’ll post another chapter.  At this point, my story is nine months old.  I hope you enjoy it.  Learn from it.  And run like hell when you get to chapter nine if you discover any similarities between your life and mine.

Written by Jerry at Kim be gone