forgot my headphones

I am sitting in a coffee shop right now, trying to get some work done. Yet, all I can think about is taking my chair and hitting it over the head of the girl at the table next to me. For the past 25 minutes she’s been talking, as it seems without even breathing once. For all I know, she’s still hasn’t finished her first sentence. Mind you, but her conversation partner hasn’t said a word. Recent topics have included:
– Her last employer completely underestimated her true potential
– Web design is the next big thing.
– And nobody knows how to do it.
– She’ll start off charging a low hourly rate, and then will triple it once she gets some projects under her belt.
– She is taking a web design course right now
– By investing $5,000 into her house, she made a $50,000 profit. At least she could, if she actually sold it
– Her husband is a light sleeper
– And he doesn’t have to pay for transportation, as he lives and works in the “free public transportation” zone

There are many more, folks. This is terrible. Worst off, I forgot my headphones. I either get up and leave or lose control and end up with a criminal record. The girls just ordered another latte. All she needs is more caffeine.

This might almost be worth the misdemeanor.