galaxy 2 – dallas 0

I went to another local soccer game tonight. The Galaxy beat FC Dallas 2:0 and former Germany visitor, Landon Donovan, scored his third goal of the season. I went with my buddies Chris, Amanda, Tom and Maren. We sat right next to the want-to-be rowdy fans (they actually call themselves “riot squad”). They are quite the crowd; one of them is dressed like a priest, one looks like Bob Marley and they even have German looking guy wearing a Wanderhut. Most of their cheers were along the lines of “FU Dallas, L…A….L…A, and not to forget “We are the Galaxy.”

Regardless to say, they need some song-writing help. Next time, I am going to actually stand with the “riot squad”. It’s nothing like Schalke but it certainly beats a 4-hour baseball game.