germany: small town bar talk

A group of seven rich doctors, bankers  and politicians got together in my hometown to open a bar that’s exclusive of the general public. One has to apply to become a member and then pay a 150 Euros annual membership fee, which then qualifies you to be called a “Plettenberger.”
I guess this concept is no different than a golf club, but for the past week this new bar has been all that Plettenberg has been talking about. Personally, I think it’s stupid and offensive, and I hope it fails. In a true blue collar worker’s town with rising unemployment, this sends the wrong message to the people. Especially since these blue collar workers are funding those owner’s businesses. All this tells me that these graying frat boys are anything but true “Plettenberger.”

I continue to support the non-exclusive bar scene as you can see in the picture below.