germany’s favorite bear

There hasn’t been a bear living in Germany for over 150 years. But just before the world cup began a two-year-old bear snuck into the country over the Alps and entertained a country for weeks. His name was Bruno and he was somewhat of a superstar. Kids loved the bear and there were websites guessing his every move. The problem was that Bruno also killed a number of sheep and cows, which led the government to believe that he might be a danger to humans. Since nobody in Germany owns a gun (only slight exaggeration), they flew in professional hunters from Finland who were supposed to tranquilize Bruno and then find a safe place for him to live. Those peaceful hunts went on for a few weeks with no success. They couldn’t catch him. It’s all that good German beer.
Then just a few days ago, some wanna-be hotshot Bavarian minister declared that Bruno could be shot by any licensed hunter. To make a long story somewhat shorter, Bruno was shot.

I’ll miss reading about Bruno in the news. Farewell, Mr. Bruno Bear.