I have contemplated  about whether or not to change the editorial content of my blog. With the war going in on Iraq, many people might not appreciate my rather loud style of writing. Yet, I have decided to not change my style and continue writing in a humorous voice.  I hope that this measure won’t offend you. Besides the fact, there is no way that I could write in a serious tone.

Working out at Mieko’s this past day brought a very interesting point to my attention. I really have not met too many girls at the gym. Now this might be my own fault, yet chances are that it’s Steve’s fault (the fitness rep). I see all the other fitness reps joking around with girls and introducing them to their male recruits. And I wonder… Wonder about what my fitenss rep is doing. I don’t think Steve knows too many of the girls working out in my club. If he would know them, I am not so sure whether it would be a good idea to be introduced to them by him. I mean after all, he is the guy that stands in front of the aerobics room, blatantly staring at the class in progress. Also, Steve has never worked out in his life, so it would be hard to make a connection. I guess that I will just have to live with it.

I have been getting up every morning at 6am to train for my marathon. I set myself the goal to run my marathon in May in under 3 hours. There is no way I can do it. Chances are I won’t be able to do it in 4.

I started drinking coffee here in Seattle. I guess if you work long hours, that’s just part of the routine.

I used to hate gardenburgers. Now, I eat them all the time. I just toast them. Too convenient.

I commute to work every day. Cities are great, but I am always glad to get out off Seattle and back to my house by the end of the day.


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