go christian

Yesterday I went on a 20-mile ride and then today I rode another 35 miles on my sweet carbon fiber race bike. With this endless enthusiasm of mine, I began to think that I might just be ready to ride the 200-mile ride from Seattle to Portland in July.

Researching the race, I ran across a blog written by a guy named Christian. He was just diagnosed with cancer for the third time, but still has set himself the goal and realize his dream to ride the race. I find his story incredibly inspiring, so how can I possibly not do the race.

Check out Christian’s training blog where he documents his journey. I never thought that I’d say this, but Christian’s bike is nicer than mine.

Christian, I’ll be out there because of you. Stay strong during chemo and I’ll look for you on the big day. I’d love to catch the wind for you for a mile or two. But that would probably have to be at the beginning, as I am pretty sure that I’ll probably be finishing about 100 miles behind you.

I wish that I had half of the motivation to get in the pool and learn how to swim. Otherwise, those 1.2 miles in the open water during my first triathlon might turn out to be life-threatening for myself and whoever I manage to pull down with me.

Happy mama’s day to all you past childbearers out there. I love mine. Life wouldn’t be without you.