gone fishing

I have either gone fishing or camping every weekend for the last four weeks. Partially because the weather has gotten better but mostly because my obsession with REI. Anyways, here are a few highlights from my recent trips. Once I have a little extra time, I am going to upload all my pictures as well.

1. A few weeks ago, Jen and I went camping on Mount Hood. Note to self, wandering in the snow in the dark is something you’re going to want to avoid in the future. Especially when traveling with a lady.

2. Two weeks ago, I went fishing with Jen’s dad. We drifted down the Deschutes with a 10ft Drift boat. Note to self, a 10-foot boat doesn’t offer much space for two fully-equipped fishermen. I did catch a nice fish however.

3. Last week, a bunch of us went camping on the Deschutes. A senior citizen stole my new fishing hat which I had used to cover up a half-full beer can. Note to self, don’t trust old men who wave at you, smile and then walk off with your hat.

4. This weekend, we’re going camping again. With my new hat.