good haircut vs bad haircut

I think I finally got it. Finally, I understand why I am not the kind of guy who should be cheap when it comes to haircuts. Really, there are only two kinds of haircutters. The ones who know what they are doing. And the ones who don’t. And there are also two kinds of customers. The ones who know what they want. And the ones who don’t.

Now, let’s assume for a moment.

Scenario 1.
Gay Frankie gets his haircut at the worst place possible. But it’s ok, because he knows what he wants and does a stellar job of explaining his needs.

Scenario 2.
Pretty Susan gets her haircut at a great salon. She has no idea what she wants. But after spending $65 and her hair smelling like a tube of fruit lotion, she looks splendid. Whoever did her hair, knew exactly what was right for pretty Susan.

Scenario Mario
I do a terrible of explaining what I want. 3 out of 4 times my haircutters don’t even speak English. When they do, they stop every minute and ask me if I’d like it shorter or longer in certain areas of my head. I am basically more a project manager in this case than a customer. When I don’t know what direction to give or try to reinstate confidence in my haircutter abilities, they usually get mad at me. How could one walk into a hair place without being prepared to supervise and direct every step of the way.??

I think I get it. Cheap haircuts are for people who know. Not for people like me. Please remind me, next time I attempt to walk into yet another not so super SuperCuts.