good trip

My trip to our casino prospect went very well. Probably as well as it could have. That doesn’t mean we won the account, but I do think that we were a very tough act to follow.

Talking about a tough act to follow. It always sucks when I have to present right after my boss, who has been in the industry for 35 years and is one of the best public speakers known to mankind. I tend to introduce myself as a rather lousy alternative to my boss and the audience usually takes it from there. By the time I left the meeting, I heard myself being referred to as “the german with the italian name who claims to speak spanish”. Oh well, I’ll be the butt of all jokes as long as they give us the business. Plus, generally speaking, people joking around about you is a good indication that they like you.

Last night, my buddy Eli and Mark went down to Manhattan Beach. A long night (early morning) spent at various bar/club establishments called “Dragon” and “Union Cattle”, followed by an hour long wait for a slice of pepperoni pizza. It’s amazing how one drops all efforts of talking to the opposite gender, just to get in line for a slice of pizza. Poor girls.