Goodbye and Hello*

Today I am jumping on a plane to fly back to Germany for a little while. So, these last few weeks has been spent “saying goodbye” to a bunch of good friends over both food and drink,  and in the case of Spencer Helm – in our speedos. 

As you can probably tell by my constant ranting about Los Angeles,  I am not the biggest fan of this city.

I’ll always have something to nag about when it comes to LA, but you’ll never ever hear me complain about the people who live here  who’re near and dear to my heart.

Saying goodbye to those people is hard because in my mind I recognize that things will never be the same they are at this very moment. Right now will never come back. The way we are, the way we are right now, well, that will be lost tomorrow. All that stays are memories and a lifelong connection. 

But really, if you think about it. Life is a constant sequence of saying goodbye and hello. At least mine is. 

Because tomorrow, I will land in Germany and I will be with my mother again who hasn’t seen me for more than two weeks at a time since I am 16 years old (no mother, I am not going on a bike ride or mushroom hunting with you this weekend). Tomorrow my father will have a partner in crime again to diffuse the constant influx of exercise, chores and vegetable juice concoctions my mother is trying to inflict on him.  Tomorrow, I will be able to see my sisters again.  And I’ll get to have beers with those very same people who I first had beers with, this time legally. A lot of awesome hellos, minus the vegetable juice. 

So yes, things will never be the same. And that’s ok. 

Appreciate the time you have with each other, wherever you are – with whoever you are. 



* I am only writing this post to make myself feel better about all the wonderful people who I won’t see tomorrow. I won’t miss LA. But as Otto would say, “I’ll miss the shit out of my friends in LA.” And yes, it’s totally normal to quote your cat.