goodbye Ashlie

My roommate Ashlie is moving out. She was planning to move down to Arizona to live with her boyfriend (far away from parents, shared bedroom, absolute freedom etc.), yet an elevated level of financial mismanagement has swayed her decision. Now she is moving back in with her parents on the island Orcas (small island in front of coast, half the population lives on the island, the other half lives in Seattle and are friends with my roomies). Living with her parents will be quite different from living with her boyfriend. Her mum clarified that there is no alcohol, no piles of laundry and not any kind of physical contact with the opposite gender in her territory. Anyway, I wish Ashlie only the best of luck and look forward to hear lots of fun stories from Orcas.

The mario group went back online today. I put my limited web design skills into action and created something that others would refer to as a complete, extraneous mess. The mario group will serve as a reflection of my personality. It will also be used to find me jobs, get dates and amuse my friends. The picture section was launched at 11:01pm pacific time and more pictures will be added periodically. The rest of the sections will be launched throughout this week.  A launch party will be held this Thursday 8pm, at the Ram in  Seattle, Washington. Join me and Pete in this once in a lifetime event.

Below you will find an interview that I had with myself this morning in the shower. Enjoy!

Mario (journalist): So Mario, we heard that the mario group will be relaunched this week. Can you tell us a little bit about this new site of yours?

Mario (popular guy): It will be great. People will love it and I am expecting to surpass Google’s web traffic by the end of the year.

Mario (journalist): Why do you think people will be drawn to your fairly irrelevant website?

Mario (popular guy): Well, first of there are nude pictures of my roommates.

Mario (journalist): Really?

Mario (popular guy): No, but there are some pretty cute cats on my site.

Mario (journalist): Thank you very much for this insightful interview. I need to get going now, as it’s time to rinse out the conditioner.

Check out . New sections launched every day (for the next 4 days)