happy birthday dad

happy birthday to my dad

It’s crazy. My mum and dad both have their birthdays in the same week. To some this might appear to be terribly confusing, but I have been doing a good job in calling them on their individual birthdays. Actually, during the second week of December, I just pretty much call my parents every day. Today was my dad’s birthday. Now I am going to start calling again around christmas.

My dad. Many might not even know that from a biological standpoint, he would be considered my step dad. Through him I learnt that you don’t have to be the biological father to be a dad. It probably should be the least of one’s worries. My dad has done everything one could possibly do for me. I carry the deepest admiration for the person he is. He was my age when he met my mum and started taking responsibility for me right away. He was the one who would walk me to the bathroom when I had to pee at night. He taught me to not worry and to act calm and relaxed when needed. He introduced color TV to our household. And without his cooking, I probably would have never survived my mum’s rigouros diet of green food and potatoes. Quite truthfully, he spent his entire adult life taking care of me and my mum.

He is my dad. And it’s his birthday today. Happy birthday dad. And thank you for being my dad.