happy birthday mum

happy birthday mum

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday. December 9th, 1942.

Actually, she is going to be 44 tomorrow. Sounds kind of young for a lady with a 22 year old son. Well, it is. Nevertheless, she has been and always will be the best mum in the world. At least for me. I can honestly say that without my dear mother I wouldn’t be where I am today. I know most people wouldn’t be where they or who they are without their mums. But my life has always been a little different. Somehow, I always had one more opportunity than the neighbor’s kid. I always had one more shot at success than normal. And it surely had nothing to do with my family having a lot of money. Quite opposite. My mum is the one person who got me where I am today. Most of the major decisions I have made in my life have been somewhat irrational. It would have been very easy for my mum to say that I couldn’t study in the US. That I shouldn’t be an exchange student in France. That working in Spain would be a dumb idea. That moving to Seattle with few months left on my work permit would be rather illogical.

But she has never done that. She has always supported me. My mum let me make my own decisions and always encouraged me to live my dreams. When money was short, my mum would take a second job. If it would mean working in a tool factory, cleaning sausage casings or selling flowers. She has done it all. And she has done for me. The little boy she set in this world 22 years ago.

Mum…You are the best. Happy 44th to you. I love you with all my heart. I know that with you in this world, I never have to be scared. Thank you for letting me be part of half your life. Cheers to the next 70 years of it.

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