Happy Birthday to Mr. Lakes and Mr. Rogan

Two of my very best friends are turning 23 this Thursday and rumor has it that they graduated from the University of Montana last weekend. That turns my double gratulation into a quadruple gratulation. Hence Quadratulation gentlemen. You are now officially 23 years old and…unemployed.

Rogan and Jesse have been like brothers to me (one of them actually carries the title “host brother”) and without those two I would have never stayed past my high school time in the US. Opportunities, goals and chances make life exciting. However, what matters most are the people around you. Rogan and Jesse are two of those quality people who have changed the path of my life forever to come. And they have made it better for that matter.

Again, happy birthday guys. Go out and have a ton of fun. And if you need a ride home afterwards, just give Ben a call.