happy mothers day

happy mothers day to my happy mother(s)

I am sure that everyone has said something similar to his dear mother today. It was the first mother day in 6 years on which I actually saw my mum. Consequently, I felt the need to go all out and exceed her keenest expectations. Upon awakening, I took my mum to one of my Sunday morning soccer games. The opponent didn’t show up, so she had the chance to watch me scrimmage.I didn’t get yellow carded and at no point was in danger of getting beat up. All for you, my dear mother.

Following the soccer game, my mum was able to take a short nap. I used this time to go on a jog, only to come back and continue pleasing my mother. Upon arrival, we went to a Mariners baseball game. I had Edgar Martinez score a home run for her and the Mariners beat the White Sox 7:2. My mum and dad left after the 5th inning, so sadly they didn’t get to see any of that. What they did get to see, was the beautiful harbor of Seattle. I also wanted my mum to be able to spend sometime with the man she loves (not you molk…my dad), consequently I had to stay at the game drinking cold beers and eating ballpark food. All for you my dear mother. 

Now, I am sitting at Starbucks, while my mum is able to spend even more time with the person she loves so much. Tonight, we will all have dinner together and I will let let my dad pay for it. Just for the family’s sake. And all that, just for you my dear mother…  

Also I want to wish a happy mother’s day to my American mum Diane.  Diane is my former host mother, who has grown to be much more than that for me over past 6 years.

I also want to wish a happy mother’s day to all my former girlfriends who have always tried to be much more than just girlfriends. 

I couldn’t have done it without all of you…