happy st pats day

I woke up at 6am this morning to celebrate an irish holiday. St. Patrick’s day. Natilee, Jerry and I had signed up for the local St. Pats day 5k race. We met at Jerry’s at 7am, as he had invited us over for a pre- race breakfast. The race really didn’t start until 9am, but what the heck.

Now to the race. It was Jerry’s goal to run the 5K in 26 minutes and that was accomplished. Neither of us won the “best costume” contest, I stood in line for a free brat for at least 35 minutes, our time was beat by at least 2,500 other participants and Natilee wore 3 shirts, a jacket and a headband. It was a lot of fun.

I met my buddy Jared for lunch, worked in a coffee shop called “Zeitgeist” in the afternoon and ate entirely too much at Natilee’s parents house Turkey dinner.