heavy drinking

Last night, a new part of my life was going to begin. A healthy and active lifestyle, supplying the perfect balance between work and lifestyle. As a first step, I was going to get up early on Sunday and cook myself a healthy oatmeal breakfast. That was until my buddy Eli called me. We went to school together and in MT and somehow he ended up down here as well. And last night, we ruined all my fitness plans and underwent a night of heavy drinking. It all started at my place with some cloudy stout, followed by the likes of bars such as Liquid Kiddy, San Francisco Saloon and The Arsenal. We did not go to any stripclubs, nor did we stop drinking until 5 in the morning. Oh boy. If my mum hadn’t called at noon, I probably would have missed my soccer game. Which we lost. Again. 2:0. I also cleaned my room today. Healthy lifestyle and oatmeal begins tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous August 19, 2004 at 9:14 pm

    So ein Schwachsinn.
    Wir sind die BANK n.e.V.!!!!!
    Also h�uf mit dem Gesundheitskram und geh ins Bier-Trainingslager f�d old germany!!!