Hilfe…the Germans are here

My parents have made it to America to celebrate what some people might call Christmas. Looking back, I can say that the mission was accomplished and a very merry Christmas we had. Here are some of the highlights that I remember:

  • My parents brought many awesome Christmas presents from friends, family and neighbors back in Deutschland. It troubles me that one of my neighbors got me a bunch of towels. Now I have to retire that towel I’ve been using since I first came to America.
  • I had a bunch of leftover Rigatoni at my house. About a pound of it.  My mum declared that nothing gets thrown away. So my dad ate all the Rigatoni. Now my mum is mad at him for eating all of it.
  • My parents are having a hard time with the time change. They go to bed at 8pm, wake up at 3am and then watch Christmas-goateed their son sleep on the couch.
  • My mother got me what appears to be a square and stripe-colored cardboard box . Be my guest to sit on it the next time you’re in Portland