hitting the wall

hitting the wall and the power puff girls

Today was another “long run” day. I ran for 2 1/2 hours. The marathon is only 3 weeks away. So, it is normal to “hit a wall” after running for about 3 hours. Bad thing is that I am hitting that wall after just about 2 hours. So, somewhere in there I am missing an hour. We shall see. As for right now, I am expecting to hit the wall after just about 2 hours, conitnue to drag myself on for another 30 minutes and then fall over on Canadian soil. Canadian emergency staff is going to carry my sorry ass into an ambulance and bring me into a Canadian hospital. The nursing staff will be extremely friendly and I will make many friends. One of the nurses will have a crush on me, but I just can’t get over her sick habit of calling me her “little gravy frie”. Seriously though, I need to stop telling people about this marathon. A couple of my colleagues want to come along, which might not be such a good idea. After that I will be the joke of the agency.

Kayla is having a goofy day. She thinks she is a “power puff girl”. I can’t say that I am a big “power puff” fan, so I need her to find a different childhood hero. I made her watch the Simpsons and King of the Hill with me today. She really needs my help. It’s kind of the same situation when Megan thought that “Charlie’s Angels” was a good movie. She was a lost cause at that point. Hopefully I can save Kayla.