holding me back

This weekend I went on a great 50-mile bike ride. Then last night, I decided to head out one more time before giving my body a break. So my fellow biking buddy Patrick and I went on an extremely painful 25-mile ride. Let me stand corrected, it was painful for me, not Patrick. Even riding downhill appeared to be strenuous. At one point Patrick actually passed me riding up a slight hill, with his hands stretching into the air, nowhere near his handlebars. Should I have eaten more bananas? What had happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. I had a flat tire on Saturday and had to replace a tube. Done. What I didn’t do was to properly re-adjust the brakes. Don’t worry. There was no danger in my brakes failing. As a matter of fact they were overperforming, the brake blocks being tightly pressed against my rear wheel.

I really am an idiot. I rode 25 miles in dire pain, failing to recognize that my rear brakes were set.