hollywood hills

I am housesitting for my boss this weekend. A nice pad in the Hollywood Hills with Pool, Jacuzzi and everything. Oh, and a white poodle who managed to eat $50 worth of raw thawing steak. You really wouldn’t think that the dog would be able to reach on the kitchen counter like that. Anyway, I am kind of waiting for her to throw up (dog = female), but that really hasn’t been the case so far. However, whenever she gets excited, she does pee on the floor though.

Anyway, I had a couple people over last night. My roommate fell asleep outside in his swimming trunks and my buddy Eli had something Mexican flow in his blood. Tequila that is. Some girl celebrated her birthday. We cooked Pizza at 4 in the morning. Consumed a lot of booze. Oh, and we ate burgers and fries at 10am. And the dog still hasn’t thrown up.