homeless youth kitchen

homeless youth kitchen

Natilee and I volunteered at the homeless youth shelter last night. She is pretty amazing, as the girl always has to be doing something. Right from the getgo, Natilee stood in the middle of the room and demanded more work. Me, I was perfectly happy to just cruise along with everybody’s pace. It was a really good experience. Very interesting to see what kind of people volunteer their time at a shelter like that.

There was a mother, who had to escort her sub-18 yr old son for his required school community service.

Then there were the 2 frat boys, who constantly tried to impress Natilee. Regardless, they worked harder than I did.

There was the 45 year old, little league baseball coach, who used to be the high school star quarterback back in the day.

There were the 2 sweet old ladies, volunteers of the church that hosts this weekly event.

There was the army son (one of 6) who by now is 39 years old and still carries a quiet fascination for community kitchens.

And then there was Mike. Just your average guy, who has been operating the kitchen’s dishwashing operations for the past 4 years.

And Natilee, who worked her little heart out, already thinking about how she can have a larger impact on the organization.

And then there was me. Trying to tell the mother that I was Natilee’s parole officer. Eating hoagie sandwiches before everybody has even been served. Eating desert, acting as a taste tester for all the guests. Standing in the middle of the room, wondering, how or why these kids ended up in the place they are today. Realizing, that I really need to do more.

I am always one to talk about doing all these things, but in retrospective, I know that I have not been doing what  I could have been doing. It’s one of those thoughts that I just keep pushing further back into my head. So often times, it stays just that. A thought.