hong kong

My favorite place in China is Macau. But Hong Kong is the place that I am most likely to live in, as I just don’t see a career in gambling or prostitution on my horizon. Hong Kong is probably the most urban city in the world. There are skyscrapers over skyscrapers, all built on a very small and steep piece of land. It’s also the most un-chinese place in China. Actually, it’s much easier for foreigners to gain entry into Hong Kong than for main land chinese.

The climate is very mild and people are very friendly, despite its fast pace. The thing that I find most amazing about Hong Kong is that rather than walking over a normal street, you are more likely to use an escalator (which are all over the city) to get around. The city is built on such a steep foundation that it would be entirely too exhausting to use stairs instead. Also, you can walk through half the city without ever going outside, as most buildings are connected.

People speak English just like they speak Cantonese. The food is great, with a very international flavor. We had Mexican for lunch and Italian for dinner. And for all you shopaholics out there, it doesn’t get any better than Hong Kong.

If you get a chance, go see Hong Kong. It’s unlike any other place in Asia or in the world for that matter.

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