how blue cheese cures food allergies*

This is a pretty cool, albeit pretty late, Valentine’s day story. As some of you might know, in the past Jen has suffered from an array of food allergies. Beef, Pork, Lamb, Dairy, Peanuts…a whole boatload of delicious foods that were previously forced out of her diet. The extent of food allergies can fluctuate over time, and is often linked to a variety of outside factors other than the actual allergy. Over the past 8 months, Jen has made great progress in defeating one food allergy after the other. Dairy, lamb, then pork.

Despite her not having had beef for over four years, we decided that Valentine’s day 2008 was a steakhouse-kind-of-date. Hence I made reservations (and by reservations, I mean we ended up eating in the bar area after drinking four martinis –  standing) at what I consider to be America’s best steakhouse – El Gaucho. About half-way through Jen’s New York Steak, she started feeling sick. The pain moved from her lower to her upper abdomen and from their into her back. As I was starting to envision to spend the rest of this special day in some Portland emergency room, I needed to find a way to switch her mind off the increasing uncomfort.

Our waiter had just brought out a fruit and cheese platter, which is home to Portland’s worst tasting piece of blue cheese. Jen hates smelly cheese as much as I do, so she trusted my taste when I gulfed down a large piece of blue cheese with a cracker. After I confirmed the mildness of the cheese, Jen decided to try it herself.

Seconds later, she had forgotten all about the food allergies and consequential stomach pains, as she was gulping down the rest of our wine bottle trying to get rid of that awful taste the cheese had left in her mouth. The stomach pains were gone, and shall never return.

So, if you ever are in a situation where someone is having an allergic reaction to food, just dish up a piece of blue cheese and see the miracle come to life.

* While medicine is a hobby of mine, I am really in no way certified or qualified to give this kind of advice.