how to catch a cat

Most people would probably just go to a shelter to adopt. Not my mum. In a lifelong quest, she has so far succeeded brilliantly in turning every stray cat withing 5 miles of our backyard into her new darling. I’ve gotten many requests from people wondering how she does it. Hence, I am willing to reveal my mum’s patented three-step process.

One last thing before you being the hunt, if the cat is tagged or
wearing someone else’s collar it’s advised to return it to the owner.
If you’ve grown too attached, just be sure to make it an inside cat

Step one: Constantly be on the lookout for potential cats. The own front yard is a great starting point. Look under cars and don’t be afraid to venture out in the middle of the night. Always have a camera ready to go for documentation purposes.
Step two: Offer the cat food within close proximity of your kitchen door.
Step three: Keep moving the food closer and closer towards your house. Always keep the kitchen door open until the cat is willing to explore. Now be sure to have more food present, located in various corners of the residence. The smellier. The better.

With that being said, meet our new cat. Oswin. Or maybe it’s Aurelius. Welcome to the family, emperor.