how to celebrate our anniversary

My apologies for not blogging more frequently in the past couple of weeks. My days are spent being woken up by Otto flying through his new cat toy tunnel, watching my dad sort out and eat all chocolate in my loft that is within 2 years of expiring and burning DVDs for my mother of the 4,500 pictures they have taken so far on this trip. After about six weeks of consecutive visitors in my little city loft, it’s going to be rather odd to have the place to myself again. I hope I can stand the solitude.

Either way, the mario blog is quickly approaching its 1000th entry anniversary. I would like to hear from you how you think such should be celebrated? And what should be the 1000th entry be about?

My first thought is of course to throw a raging party? Or maybe take the blog out of town for a special outing? Should my 1000th entry really be written in a honeymoon hot tub? O should my 1000th entry highlight the five most popular posts? Should I pressure myself into trying to write the most meaningful, forward-looking, heart-wrenching or funniest entry yet?  How can I involve my readers in this celebration, regardless of where you live? The first mario blog live video cam event? 

Please give me some ideas as those kind of anniversaries don’t come around very often. And this is as much your anniversary as it’s mine.

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  1. Anonymous October 19, 2007 at 5:48 am

    Oh, that reminds me… I need a place to crash for the next 3 months, and since your futon is already rolled out…