human interaction

Here comes another socio critque blog entry. I have been thinking.

Everybody believes that the future lies with technology and computers, as they will continue to make our life easier, more efficient and convenient. I’ll bet against that. Especially in the United States, I think computers will bring society of the edge of complete boredom and isolation. I can see the trend in cities and am sure that it will make its way across the country. Other than email, people are just not communicating with each other anymore. Everybody goes to work and spends the entire day in front of a computer. They go home, eat, exercise (if they are lucky) and then watch one of a million reality TV series for the rest of the evening. And there is no end in sight. Online communities, chat programs and online dating services just reflect that trend. But people spend significantly less time talking to others. All that free time gained by technological advances is not spend actually doing stuff. People just spend more time online and more time watching TV. It’s an evil circle and not about to end. Why do you think Starbucks is so succesful. Sure they serve a rather tasty commodity product, whip some whip cream on top of it and sell it at incredibly high margins. However, the real reason for their success is the pure and simple fact that they are creating a community. When people walk into a Starbucks, they can feel a sense of community. Much unlike shopping at Walmart. More like coffee shops in Italy, fish markets in the Netherlands, tea houses in England and Kneipen in Germany. A sense of community that is getting lost in this country.

With the rise of all that technology arises a simple need. Human interaction. Bet on it.

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  1. Anonymous May 20, 2004 at 4:29 am

    Great post Mario, very enlightening and perceptive. 🙂
    Ihre Freunde John