huntington beach breakfasts

After a night of drinking really cheap Mexican beers (Caguama anyone?) with Mark and a surprising second place finish in a Saturday morning Golf outing,  I headed down to the OC to stay in Huntington Beach with my buddy Evan and the gang. I have never spent much time in Huntington Beach before but I really like it. I’ve been staying with Evan’s very Mexican family, which is great. They love to eat,  better yet, get you to eat.

After a monster run on the beach, I went out with Evan, Ramzey, Rogan, Brianna, Mark and Grace. A fun night at various local watering holes ended at some 24-hr a night eating place called the Harbor House Cafe. The highlights there were that Evan had a cheese fry taken off his plate by a drunk walkerby and that I finished some sort of Omelet plate which apparently nobody had finished before. Note to self, there are situations in which I don’t have to, and probably shouldn’t, finish my plate. Such is hard to do for a full blooded Prussian like myself. Now I’ll have to go on another monster run after working on my graduation speech in some local coffee shop.

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  1. Anonymous November 27, 2006 at 6:15 am

    Welcome back to Cali. I bet it’s nice to see the sun. And there’s nothing like cheese fries and omelets in the middle of the night. – aw