impressions from a tall building by a not-so-tall man

Today I went to the very top of China’s tallest building. I believe it’s the 4th tallest building in the world and pretty tall for a man of my height. It’s the Jin Mao Building in the Pudong district of Shanghai and measures to be 1379 feet tall, being comprised of 88 floors. I guess it would have been smart to go during daylight to really make the most of that view, however, long-term planning has never been a strength of mine.

Here are a few images to give you an idea just how tall that building really is. The first picture is taken outside of the building, looking up. Again, daylight would have been nice. The second picture is taken while riding the elevator to the 88th floor. Picture number three looks down into the hotel atrium which extends over the top 30 floors of the building. Picture number four drives home my point that a daylight excursion really could have added a whole other dimension to this.