Improving your link popularity on Google

Your website’s ranking on Google is directly related to the number of webpages linking to your page. Even though you might have plenty of sites linking to your page, chances are that Google’s search engine  is not aware of those links  (By focusing on Google’s link popularity you will improve your score with other major search engines like Yahoo and AOL as well, as internally they are powered by Google).

So here is how you do it…

1. If you haven’t installed the freeware program “Link Popularity Check” yet, download it now at:

It’s free and it comes with installer and uninstaller applications. It’s also very easy to use as you will see in the following steps.

2. When the program is installed, click the “Add Web Site…” button in the main window to enter your web site address, for example

3. Now select your web site address (e.g. in the list and click the “Update Selected” button.

4. The link popularity check program now retrieves the link popularity score for your web site on five search engines.

It doesn’t get the link popularity score from Google because Google doesn’t like automated queries. Instead, it uses AOL Search for Google because that search engine uses Google internally. So the AOL numbers displayed are the same as the Google ones.

5. Most likely, the AllTheWeb link popularity score for your web site is higher than the AOL/Google score. Now right-click your web site address and select “Show Link Popularity In AllTheWeb” from the popup menu.

6. Your web browser now displays all the web pages that AllTheWeb found. Those web pages link to your site.

7. Press Strg + N in your web browser to open a new browser window. In that window, go to

8. Now we can submit all those web pages that AllTheWeb found to Google. Just enter the web page addresses from the AllTheWeb window one by one in the Google window.

Yes, it’s a time-consuming task. If you have a large web site, chances are you won’t manage to submit all web pages that AllTheWeb found. However, every web page counts and adds up to your overall link popularity score on Google.