in boulder worrying about wichita

We’ve been on the road for about three weeks now, and while incredibly rewarding – this is also by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We’re passing through four to five states most weeks, cover 1,000+ miles,  sleep in a different bed or on a different floor every couple of days and are constantly trying to go from zero to 100 in cities where absolutely no-one has ever heard of IdeaMensch. It usually works, but when it doesn’t – it hurts like hell. 

So far so good. 

We’re all getting along, we’re meeting amazing people, we’re doing something that matters. There is no security, no familiarity and every day we start by catching up on something. I know there’s probably incredible upside in there somewhere, but I am not thinking about this. Right now I am in Boulder worrying about Wichita. 

By far the most rewarding experience has been the incredible people we’ve met along. 

America is incredible.

And I am doing well. 

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