in forever

A couple days ago, I spoke to an old friend who I haven’t talked to in forever. She’s doing great but reminded me that I hadn’t blogged in forever. I also haven’t called my mum in forever and haven’t done my taxes in forever, but I didn’t go into that much detail.

Life has been busy. I’ve had friends come visit the last three weekends and work has been nuts. Just to give you an example, even though my buddy Marc was in town last weekend, we still managed to put in a 12-hour day. Last Saturday, that is. But I am absolutely loving work right now, as I am faced with a big challenge and will be measured upon my ability to turn that challenge into an opportunity for my organization. It couldn’t get any better.

Tonight, I went out for happy hour with my buddy Guillhem, who’s Salomon’s only IT guy in Portland. He’s only their only French employee, but that’s really not unususal for a formerly French company. Great guy.

My best wishes go out to my friend Kenadi who just underwent surgery. Based on her blog, the surgery was a complete success.

In regard to my workout regime and that humogous biceps banner, I still haven’t really missed a day and am going strong. But I still ought to start looking for some longer-term volunteer program this summer.

So what lies ahead of me in the coming weeks. New York. Philadelphia. San Francisco. Seattle. Los Angeles. In that order. When I get done, it’s almost summer.