in san francisco

I’m in San Francisco working on my classes for next semester. I flew out of John Wayne Airport in Newport this morning, which was quite the experience. I have never seen so much security at any airport in America, and there were only about three planes departing that day. Got to love Orange County. At least I knew that I was safe on the plane.

Then I took a shuttle from the airport to my hotel, which was an absolute nightmare. We had one of those ladies in the car, who thought that she had to be dropped off first. It didn’t matter that she lived 30 minutes outside of town. She actually threatened to sue the cab company if she didn’t get her way. Anyway, I got dropped off first.

I am staying in the York Hotel for this trip, which seems to be very nice. Tonight, I saw the movie Green Street Hooligans. It’s an absolutely awesome flick. Quite possibly the best one I’ve seen this year. However, I might be slightly biased as it’s about soccer. Go see it, and you’ll understand the whole Schalke thing.