in seattle

Last night, I took the train from Portland to Seattle. As a kid in Germany, I used to take trains all over Europe. Then I moved to the US and due to limited access, I really haven’t been hitting the tracks at all. Well, that’s changing this year. So far I’ve been on the following trips:

  • Shanghai – Beijing
  • Beijing – Shanghai
  • Newark – NYC
  • NYC – Philadelphia
  • Portland – Seattle

I really love traveling by train. No check-in time, no security checks, power plugs, great people watching, beautiful countryside are just a few reasons. If you are not already, get on the train folks.

Anyway, I am staying with Jerry and the cats in Madison Park. Today I am meeting a bunch of friends and then tonight Jerry is hosting a little dinner party. Tomorrow I am taking the train back to Portland and then I am going on a long ride on my sweet new bike.