in the middle of it

in the middle of it all

I just got back from a dinner in Beverly Hills. I remember being a kid and watching TV shows playing in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. And now, all the sudden. I live here. This is my new home. I am not sure how or why I ended up living here, but I am glad that I made it. Moving to a city this size is something, that I would have thought of doing. I don’t know. One of those things, that my mind just can’t get a grip on. And somehow I did end up here and I am going to make the most out of it. I am starting to meet some nice people and I am lucky to work with a good group of folks. I have a good job, a good roommate and really not much to worry about. That is nice. Living in the city can be a little lonely at times, but I suspect to be only temporary. It’s a great experience and I am starting to realize it.

Craig (roomie) has won the battle against the ants. You have to be careful walking through the apartments, as he has placed ant traps in any location imaginable. This guy knows more about ants than I ever cared to know about any kind of animal. He can distinguish male and female, and loves to dialog about the functions of the ants’ two seperate stomachs. The guy is amazing.