India Malabar – Monsooned

I visit my buddy Ray’s coffee shop more often than all my family members’ birhday partys counted together on a lifetime basis.

And I am a big fan of his Siphon coffees, and am currently trying to figure out which coffee blend (the actual beans) I like the most. Well, I have been trying to figure that out for a while now, but am struggling to remember which ones I actually tried. So I am going to blog about every single coffee blend I try at Ray’s.

Today, I had the “India Malabar – Monsooned”

Here is what Ray has to say about it:
“Although this coffee has an outstanding taste, more interesting is the monsooning process of bean preparation and why it is used. When ships would take long journeys across the seas carrying coffee, the high humidity and changing weather conditions changed the color and taste of the coffee. Today that change is made by exposing the beans to the high humidity during the monsoon season. The result is a full bodied, lightly acidic coffee.”

Here is what I think:
“I like nutty. But his one was a little too nutty for my taste. Still much better than anything you can get outside of this fine establishment I call Ray’s world.”