Indian golf

It has been a long weekend in LA. On Friday, I hung out with my buddy Trevor, his wife and friends. We watched the Lakers game and then hours of mindless TV. Only in LA will people watch TV on a Friday. Not even a movie, but just plain old TV. Very sad.

Saturday was a good day. I played golf with my friend Renee and her date Arjune. Arjune is the Indian equivalent of a Fraternity boy. Lots of money, big words and little to show for it. Immediately after shaking my hand, Arjune asked me what my parents did for a living. Why I went to the University of Montana and whether or not I had a double major?

His questions were followed up by him telling me that:
– his dad owns the largest something company in the world
– he is going to Pepperdine and planning to major in Economics and Finance
– studying Economics includes lots of math which is hard for some, however, stupendously easy for him
– my English was pretty good
– he goes to Germany numerous times a year
– he’s been playing golf since he is 5
– he drives a brand new BMW
– he is planning to buy a house in Malibu beach
– oh, and he just turned 20

All that in under 3 minutes. I was ready to leave before I even locked up my yellow bike.

Boy, I can tell you. Playing golf with someone like Arjune is like honeymooning with your mother-in-law. Sadly for him, Arjune only beat me by a few drives.

Last night, I went out with my buddy Eli and some of his friends. Eli is an old buddy of mine from Alaska who went to school in Montana and now lives in Pasadena.