ipod dad

I got my dad one of those cool iPod Shuffle for Christmas. Our lives haven’t been the same ever since. At first I was a little bit worried about him even using the iPod, as my dad ain’t exactly an early adapter when it comes to technology. Well, I was wrong. His iPod is on, and on him at all times. He enthusiastically starts up conversations with complete strangers in grocery stores, touting the 250 songs being carried on his jacket’s sleeve. Conversation with my mother is now being kept at a minimum, and if he does talk, then always a little louder due to the fact that he’s talking with his ear buds humming.

I am going to adopt a cat tomorrow when we get back from the Oregon Coast. If it’s a male, I am thinking that Otto von Bismarck would be a great name – after Germany’s first chancellor and Prussia’s last President. If it’s a girl, I am thinking Selma Boldt – after my Prussian great grandmother who helped raise me.

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