ironchef cookout

ironchef cookout, mariners vs angels, brian is a toolbox

Today we had a big cookout at work. Really similar to an Iron Chef competition. The meal of choice was some philippinan  meal and 5 different chefs participated in it. I had the opportunity to be a celebrity judge and I really enjoyed that. Dachs won the competition and I think Monkey took second place. This was pretty amazing, as Monkey was the only white guy in the cookout. Tommorrow is “crazy hat day” in the agency. I really will have to think about something cool there.

Tonight, Brian, Aubrey and I went to a Mariners game. We got the Agency’s tickets and the Mariners lost against the Anaheim Angels. ( It was fun to go to a professional baseball game and I can know say that soccer is the most exciting professional sport to watch. Brian is a complete goofball and I think he was the reason that nobody wanted to go to the game with us. He is really not helping my game. We both won one game of pool tonight which elevates the total score to 4:3 for Brian. Tommorrow night, Brian is throwing a party at his house, so there probably won’t be any lengthy entries in my blog.