Jared, Pete, Pesos and The Ram

Night out in the city last night. My two old Montana buddies (Jared, Pete) and I decided to find out what Thursday nights in Seattle are all about. First stop was a bar called Pesos. Nice bar, good food, but the brews are kind of pricey. Next stop was the Ram. The place is like a sports bar for college kids (in the U district). The Ram brews its own beer and has some great specials. Thursday nights this is the place to go in Seattle. All drinks and all food plates are only $2.

Our last stop was a bar called Dutches. It is a nice establishment and the male/female ratio was amazingly well balanced. One of these girls that we met was quite something. This girl is white, 5.11 tall and has long blond hair. Now she was trying to tell us that often times people think she looks like Whitney Houston. What??? She is white. Whitney is black. She is blond, Whitney is everything but blond. This girl did not resemble Whitney Houston in only the slightest way, and we tried our hardest to convince her of that.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun last night and it was great to see Jared and Pete again. I am looking forward to more Thursday nights at the Ram with those two.