jelly belly

This weekend, my buddies Jerry, Charlie and Garth came down from Seattle to get drenched in the Portland rain. Charlie always knows what to bring, and this time overwhelmed me with a gum ball machine packed full with licorice jelly beans. Perfect timing, I am trying to live healthy and Charlie gifts me with pounds black belly gold. To those of you who don’t know, I have somewhat of an obsessive addiction problem with anything black licorice. Actually, not somewhat. Who am I kidding. I am an addicted, as I will literally eat that stuff until it’s gone or I get sick. Whichever comes first.

So initially, my plan was to just eat it all at once and be done with it. After tiring out my thumb from all that gum ball machine operating and being nowhere near towards the bottom of my never ending supply of jelly beans, I decided to switch strategies. Hide the darn gum ball machine, and forget that it ever existed. Well, that didn’t exactly work either. I’ve hid the jelly crack machine in just about every place imaginable over the course of the weekend, and came to the conclusion that there is no way that I’ll forget it’s existence. I give up. I’m hooked and there is no way to get away from it. There is no cure for me. I wish that I’d feel half as strongly about my housework, taxes or laundry.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. We saw the Trailblazers tromp the Nets on Friday, literally sitting in the first row courtside. The Blazers had invited us to dinner before the game, which was also great. Thank you Blazers. Go Blazers.

Over the course of the weekend, we made use of the many happy hour occasions here in Portland, and I believe to only have sobered up briefly early Saturday afternoon. Garth didn’t at all.

On a different note, I severely bruised my large left toe stumbling off my new leather couch Saturday night. That was stupid.

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