Joe Charles

Joe Charles

Last night’s garden party was quite the event. The host was a ~65 year old German named Josef. Most of the guests were Europeans and Americans with a fair amount of people from other continents as well. I managed to go completely overboard on the dinner quantity consumed. I must have eaten 8 Bratwurst. On top of that add some cheesecake and german chocolate cake. It was neat to meet so many different people. I have the unique talent to get myself in rather random situations. I ended up in a pushup competition with some professional fighter/boot camp instructor titlled Joe Charles. I can’t say that I exactly beat him, but I came pretty darn close. Especially in the situp competition that followed it up. Anyway, check out this guy’s business. It’s pretty cool. A civilian bootcamp. I am invited to attend but don’t think I can make it up that early.

My buddy Hanno (living in LA, originally from Plettenberg, Germany as well) is driving a hummer by the way. With a jacuzzi built it. Never seen anything like it before. And then he rents out the space on his hummer to companies to advertise on. Crazy stuff…

This morning, Kyle and I went to the beach. Just a few hours of bodysurfing etc. I feel like a fish in those waves. Apparently I look more like some kind of land animal.

I was meaning to be productive today. Sadly, I really didn’t get anything done. Cable TV is starting to hook me.

Ps. This Joe Charles guy was rather intoxicated. Just for the records. I don’t want him to hunt me down one of those days.

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  1. Anonymous December 21, 2006 at 7:16 am

    I am hunting you down now…

    For the record I always make everyone do my one push up intoxicated or no intoxicated.

    This is how I play.

    Also boot camp is @ 6-7 am, 8-9 am or 6-7 pm not just in the morning as you say. So I will see you in 2007


    You are invited by GI Joe