There will be no humor tonight. Today my host dad John had a heart attack. Fortunately, he survived and has been taken well care off. John
is in the hospital and is already in good spirits again. Apparently,  he has resisted all efforts to get him to use a bed pan.

Who knows John, loves John. There is nothing not to love about the guy. I can say as a fact that everyone who has ever come in contact with
John has great things to say about him. My friend Alex from Germany has visited Montana twice. Listening to his stories about the visits, you
would think that he did nothing but watch TV with John, feed the cows and eat ham and eggs for breakfast. And if you listen to me talk about
high school in the US,  chances are I will probably spend most my time talking about these same things.

Actually without John (and Diane), I would never even have had the chance to come to the US. Not only did he agree to take me in as an
exchange student, he also fought many battles in front of the Hamilton school board to actually get me into High School.  I proably
should mention that John is also responsible for moving me out of the state, as he drove the moving van to Seattle. I think the world of
John and can never be thankful enough for all that he has done for me.

John…get better. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Listen to the nurses, doctors and especially to Diane. I will be home in Montana for
Christmas. I can’t wait. Diane, Shawn, Rob, Rogan and Katie…make sure John doesn’t smuggle any gummybears into the hospital.


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