Let me give you a brief overview of what happened this weekend. It will only be brief, as a family emergency has arised. After work on Friday, Natilee and I went duckfeeding.It’s one of those activities that you really start getting into once you graduate college. Kind of like birdwatching, except more hands on. This was followed by some bbq and beer action at Brian’s house, followed by watching “Old School” for the 5th time this week. The one movie the burglars weren’t able to take from us.

I had another soccer game on Saturday. We won 4:1. I scored two and assisted the other two. I should have scored at least five that game, but it was just one of those days. Actually, I think I could have scored five just with my head. This is the second one of my games that Natilee came to watch. She claims that she likes going to them, but I cannot believe that. Anyway, Natilee is an awesome girl. Not just for coming to my soccer games. We went to some Indian buffet for lunch and spend the afternoon looking at digital cameras. Natilee loves going to Best Buy. Another reason why she is such an awesome girl.

This morning I found out that my parents’ cat has died. Josefine has been a member of our family for the 4 years. My parents adopted her from some grumpy farmer. She actually had been diagnosed with cats’ AIDS and my parents basically took her to make the rest of her life a bit more pleasant. And that they did. Josefine was about as happy of a cat as you could imagine. My parents gave her any and everything that a cat could ever wish for. They really did. You wouldn’t believe what they did for her. They would cook an entire Turkey just for the Josefine. They exchanged numerous doors in the house, just so Josefine could come and go as she pleased. Of course, the cat slept in my parents’ bed.

Yesterday morning, Josefine was found dead in front of my neighbor’s house. The virus must have taken a toll on her and she was not strong enough to go on. Josefine had a wonderful life. My parents are great people and I hope that they will overcome their sadness. If you know my parents, then you understand what they are going through right now. They have an amazing heart. Not just for people but for anyone that needs it.