joys of driving

Driving a ’89 Toyota Corolla can really be a quite price effective experience. I don’t pay much in insurance, have no monthly payments and even my gas mileage is very reasonable. Also, with a car like mine you never have to worry about taking girls on fancy dates. The kind of girls that are into fancy dinners would never step a foot into my car. It’s all good. However, I continue to rack up parking tickets like a madman. And parking tickets here in Los Angeles are not your average parking tickets. Quite opposite, they are more like ugly, giant, mutated monsters spoon fed with steroids.

$35 for being a couple minutes late on a darn parking meter. And $45 if you park during street cleaning hours. 3 weeks of driving and I must already have funded LA’s street cleaning needs for years to come.

In addition, I am currently fixing up my neighbor’s old beater car that I managed to scratch up a bit. After my first month of driving, I come to realize that it might just be cheaper to take a taxi.

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  1. Anonymous July 30, 2004 at 3:22 pm

    It sounds great and I would like to have a trip in your fantastic car.