Jump Rope Aerobics

Today I decided to participate in the jump roping class at my gym. All the guys have been talking it up, and I thought that my skills would be more than adequate for it. Well, I am not sure what happened. First of, other than the bodybuilder dude wearing a bandana who was leading the class I was the only male within a group of 9 girls. The first 15 minutes were spend staring at the bodybuilder instructor (Chris), who was trying to impress the girls by some of the tricks he was trying to do. This will give you a basic idea of his idea of instruction:

Chris (bodybuilder dude): Alright lets get started. First of, I want to show you guys what you will be able to do by the end of this session.

[For 5 minutes Chris jumped back and forth through his darn rope, making funny faces and continuously repeating the sentence: It is that easy. Then comes the next part of his instruction]

Chris: Not bad. Not bad. So how many of you are ready to move on to bigger things. How about this one?

[Chris starts jumping back and forth through his darn rope again. This time he is twisting his wrists in some weird way. This goes on for another 10 min. One lady in the back has left the room already. I am still holding my rope in my right hand, without having attempted to jump through it once. A couple girls in the front are trying to keep up with Chris, but that just motivated him to do even harder stuff].

Chris: Alright everyone. Those are just the basic moves, but I am not going to get into the hard stuff today. Tell you one thing though, this is great exercise. Just like Step Aerobics, except with a rope.

[Two more girls leave the room. Chris is changing bandanas, as I am trying to teach myself how to do the basic movement. Chris walks up to me, takes my rope away and gives me his. Apparently, I had a brand new one, so it was still kind of twisted he said. Well, here I was, standing with my rope (which was entirely too long), watching Chris perform the next stage of his workout. Due to the rope he took from me, he was able to do even more tricks than before. The lady behind me started swearing in Spanish and left the room. The three girls in the front row still tried to imitate Chris, completely fascinated by the guy and his fresh bandana.]

30 minutes had gone by and I didn’t break a sweat yet. So I decided to leave as well.  This was the first and last time that I participated in any kind of group exercise. Next time, I will just watch the class from the outside again, instead of standing around in it. It will be easier to get a drink of water that way and I won’t have to worry about holding a darn rope either.

Tonight I went over to my friend’s Megan H.’s house. I met some very cool new people. One of them was a game tester at Microsoft. His name was Ted and the guy tried to give me a ride home. He has lived in Seattle for over 1 year now, yet has no clue about how to find his way around. I guess the guy works 70 hour weeks at Microsoft. Anyway, after 1 hour of circling around Seattle we finally found the right exit (I was of no help either). We scheduled to go out for a beer sometime this week, shook hands and here I am. Just made it home and I will go to bed now.