Justa Pasta

Jen and I tried a new place for dinner last night. Actually, we probably try a new place for dinner at least once a week, but Justa Pasta stood out. It’s a little Italian restaurant in industrial NW Portland. We placed our order at the counter, at which point we also picked up a bottle of wine, and then sat down on their outdoor patio. The food was served in just a few minutes, by a friendly waiter who I enlightened with my you can’t spill the wine by swirling if the bottom of the glass never leaves the table theory.

Anyways, my chicken parmesan and Jen’s veggie lasagna turned out to be spectacular and the portion sizes were healthy as well. We’ll definitely go back to Justa Pasta at some point, and you should try it as well. Overall, Justa Pasta might just be my favorite Italian restaurant for now.  Btw, they update their specials on their website on a daily basis which is really cool for a guy who’s brain activity is almost evenly split between thinking about the Internet and thinking about food.

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  1. Anonymous September 26, 2007 at 5:26 am

    Gotta try it.