So, it all came down last night. My car managed to die in the middle of one of LA’s busiest intersection right during rush hour. I was just getting ready to make a turn in the intersection when all the sudden all the lights went off. The engine stottered then stopped completely. People start honking, some flipped me off. I immediately called AAA, who put me on hold for about 15 minutes. Nobody stopped to help, yet everybody took the time to give me a mean look. I am not sure why, but some people probably thought that I had stopped my car in the middle of a crazy-busy intersection just to chat on the phone. At some point, I decided to roll up my windows and lock the doors as I was worried of people stepping into the car to kick my butt. The friendly AAA lady asked if she should call the police, which I thankfully declined. I had already survived for 15 minutes, how bad could 5 more be.

Only seconds after I got off the phone, the towing truck showed up. And in it was one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met. His name was Jay and he had moved here from El Salvador. He practically saved my life and did so with a smile. In return, I gave him that biggest tip that I have ever given to anyone. Who cares about tipping waiters and waitresses. Tip your local towing truck guy. Pay Jay.

I actually didn’t feel bad about last night. My repair bill is not going to be a pleasant sight, however, I am glad to have met Jay and to had the opportunity to give him a healthy tip.

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