kleenex and blue felt pen

Today was probably my worst laundry day yet. I hadn’t done my laundry in a few weeks and if I didn’t do it this weekend, I’d have to start rewearing my boxer shorts. Now I have to buy new clothes all together. I managed to leave a pack of kleenex in one of the jeans bundled with a blue felt pen. Now most my shirts, underwear and socks have blue marks all over them. As well as a plethora of kleenex fuzz, which gives everything a rather soft look. Kind of like I just slept in a bed filled with cotton balls. Blue cotton balls.

It’s been raining like crazy in Southern California. Which means that it’s been raining in our apartment, more specifically in Mark’s room. This morning our apartment manager (Jim) walked around the unit, handing old used towels and rags to all top floor residents. Mark wasn’t too thrilled to be woken up by Jim, considering he had water dripping on his forehead all night long. You’d think for $1600 a month, you could get a real roof over your head. Amazing California.